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Indian fusion cooking in Old Town

Just around the corner from the Festival theatre and Edinburgh University Old College, Kama Sutra is an Indian fusion restaurant on Drummond Street. If one of you wants an Indian; one of you would like to go for Chinese and a third prefers Mexican, Kama Sutra is the solution to your dilemma.

Indo-fusion tapas by Festival Theatre

Fusion cooking is the name of the game here so look out for Indo-Mexican, Indo-Chinese and Indo-Med fusion tapas. From Hong Kong chilli chicken to cheese-stuffed jalapenos via garlic mushrooms, the menu happily trots the globe’s culinary hot spots. Of course, you can still order up a lamb bhoona or chicken tikka masala at Kama Sutra. Whether you want black lentil dhal, prawn biryani or a lamb sheek kebab, Kama Sutra has all the most popular Indian dishes and vital accompaniments such as pilau rice, naan, roti and raita dips.